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Blepharitis refers to eyelid inflammation. There are two variants based on the location of the inflammation:

- Anterior blepharitis affects the external eyelid, where the eyelashes are attached.

- Posterior blepharitis affects the inner eyelid in contact with the eyeball.

Anterior blepharitis may have one of several causes.

- Staphylococcal infection: the base of the eyelash is often colonised by the bacteria

- Seborrhoeic dermatitis / dandruff: the eyelid may also be colonised by yeasts (malassezia)

- Rosacea: an inflammatory disorder resulting in flushing, facial redness and spots

- Infestation of the eyelash by Demodex mite (demodicosis)

-Contact allergy to substances coming into direct contact with the lid margins, including rosin in mascara and preservatives in contact lens solutions.

Posterior blepharitis is the result of abnormalities of meibomian gland function in the inner eyelid. This gland normally produces oil, which is a component of the normal tear film. In blepharitis, the secretions from this gland thicken and block the gland.

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