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Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a widespread blood clotting disorder occurring within blood vessels, associated with a wide range of clinical circumstances (bacterial sepsis, obstetric complications, disseminated malignancy, massive trauma), and manifested by purpura fulminans (cutaneous infarctions and/or acral gangrene) or bleeding from multiple sites. The spectrum of clinical symptoms associated with DIC ranges from relatively mild and subclinical to explosive and life-threatening.


Uncontrolled activation of coagulation results in thrombosis and consumption of platelets/clotting factors II, V, VIII. Secondary fibrinolysis. If the activation occurs slowly, excess activated products produced, predisposing to vascular infarctions/venous thrombosis. If the onset is acute, hemorrhage surrounding wound sites and IV lines/catheters or bleeding into deep tissues is usually seen.


* Bleeding, possibly from multiple sites in the body
* Thrombosis formation evidenced by bluish coloration of the fingers
* Sudden bruising

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